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Global Brand Identification Number (GBIN) is an independent identifier for brands. GBIN Brand identifiers are used to look up brand related information in a database or to link different brand systems and portals. GBIN also supports brand hierarchy information. The following brand types are part of the GBIN standard:

    * Trade Brands (corporate brands, organization brands, holding brands), example: PepsiCo
    * Product Brands, Example: Pepsi

The uniqueness and universality of the identifier is useful in establishing which brand in one database corresponds to which brand in another database, especially across organizational boundaries.

The GBIN code consists of 10 numbers and uses ISBN/10 checksum logic. At this moment 7035 brands are listed.

We are working on the new website that will support online GBIN request. Until that moment please send the request via email mentioning all your brands and hierarchy.